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Viridian is a vitamin company which was launched in December of 1999 having a product basket of 24 products. However it has expanded with a large degree and contains 140 products now, and therefore has evolved into one of largest corporations in the industry. It's a company that has a natural heart and has set itself at the forefront in the organic supplementation industry. Moreover Viridian posseses an especially powerful mission statement which is reflected in its tagline which is 'think worldwide shop ethical'.

Viridian includes a massive spread of items starting from vitamins, minerals, aminos, nutritional oils and tinctures. Though the best sellers within the Viridian's product offering is Rhodiola rosea capsules, ViridiKid Organic Omega-3 Oil and Joint complicated capsules, High 5 Multivitamin and Mineral capsules and ultimate Beauty complicated capsules and Oil. Furthermore a green food mixture of bilberry, alfalfa and spirulina are employed as natural filler for their capsules.

Additionally, they have a highly effective recycling programme may be instituted which assists environmentalism. In return a shop keepers give customers 25p and recycle the bottle. Viridian additions are ethical vitamins which can be easily obtainable and one can purchase Viridian online as well as in shops. The Viridian fraternity strongly feels that it's vital that you make their company green in addition to their glass packaging needs to have minimum environmental impact.

Interestingly Viridian has strange commitment and honesty to environmental issues, certified organic ingredients and donation programme. Fifty % of the profit is given to charity. To explain now, the Viridian program for charity and donation has given over �60,000 to environmental and children's charities.

Viridian vitamins supplements and herbs are of fantastic quality and expenses are the same to the other mass market brands. So some buyers feel by taking Viridian supplements one has got the best nourishment coupled with their donation towards environment and several defenseless youngsters across the world.